WIZARD Metal In My Head (colored)

WIZARD Metal In My Head .. Head / Red Vinyl / 1-LP Holland / Slippes "Mars2021"

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WIZARD Metal In My Head 

.. Head / Red Vinyl / 1-LP Holland
Rock / Heavy Metal / Coloured Vinyl

Soulfood 4028466931740

Slippes "Mars 2021"

3stk av denne er "foreløbig bestilt inn til lager"

WIZARD present their new studio album "Metal In My Head", the first one with the band´s new guitarist Tommy Hartung (No Inner Limits)! The album was written and recorded during the ongoing pandemic with "lots of support from Jack Daniel´s Old No. 7". Due to the band not being able to perform live, WIZARD put all their energy into the new album, and you can clearly hear that!

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